Potočková Jana M.Sc.

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The main subject of my work deals with cytogenetics; routine examination of solid tumors (breast cancer, lung tumours, colrectal carcinomas etc.) from FFPE tissues via the FISH method. In cases wherein it is not possible to use the cytogenetic method, we instead investigate the samples by molecular methods such as qPCR to find out the exact copy number of studied genes. I am currently focusing my efforts on the identification of prognostic and predictive factors in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated by adjuvant chemotherapy.

Doctoral training
The importance of cytogenetic changes in the treatment and prognosis of oncologic diseases
The thesis is mainly focused towards the investigation of cytogenetic changes in solid tumors by FISH method. One of the aimes was to reveal several potential markers which could have an impact on the prediction of treatment response and prognosis of the disease, in the first part of the small cell lung cancer.


Ongoing 2014 - 2014

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Bachelor students mentor:

[1] Alexandra Dolníková, Cytogenetic changes in lung cancer patients,
status: Ongoing, from: 2016